Saturday, 15 May 2010

Gil Elvgren.

a lot of the images here - I can't remember which ones, exactly - were skanked from Mr. Door Tree's most fabulous Golden Age Comic Book Stories site.


Booksteve said...

Just absolutely stunningly innocent and sexy all at the same time. An amazing talent!

Joe Ackerman said...

Steve! lovely to see your face around these parts, matey!

he's fantastic, isn't he? the missus recently bought me the big old Taschen art book of the complete Elvgren, it's an absolute beaut! I can't recommend it highly enough.

Everett said...

I not only admire Gil Elvgren's pinup paintings because he was great talent, I also admire his work because he painted pinup beauties the way I like 'em - gorgeous women with well-endowed figures that also show balanced proportions. I love gorgeous women with curvy figures.