Monday, 3 January 2011

Misbegotten Missionary by Isaac Asimov.

from Galaxy Science Fiction. vol. 1. #. 2.


Daniel [] said...

Asimov's Wikipedia entry is carefully controlled by his fans.

Imagine, for example, that some other notable figure had a son caught with an extraordinarily large collection of kiddie porn (about 1000 discs). Not only has mention of this been removed from Wikipedia's article on Asimov himself, but the separate article on David Asimov was at some point voted off the Wikipedia island.

Avid Reader said...

Not controlled by his fans, but in accord with Wikipedia policy. The policy is that (1) an aricle on Isaac Asimov should be about him and what he did and (2) Only noteworthy people get articles. Being the son of a noteworthy person does not qualify, even if he has trouble with the law.

The article on David Asimov would never have attracted any interest if it had not been for his father's fame. Therefore, it didn't conform to Wikipedia policy.

Don't believe me? Read Wikipedia's policy.