Saturday, 11 June 2011

Alberto Vargas.


Pinupmania said...

A great one. I think the best with Gil Elvgren

borky said...

A terrific selection, Joe, to the degree it's actually highly enlightening to me.

For instance, many of these I've not only never seen but didn't suspect he had in his locker.

I'd kind of assumed he'd merely developed his seemingly 1920s based style until he died, yet here we have a foxy momma straight out of a blaxploitation movie, and the sort of dizzy, recumbent, sunglassed blonde Warren Beatty would've been banging in the early '70s!

borky said...


As a worshipper of Aphrodite - especially a la Botticelli - I'm quite taken with the girl on the half shell - talk about your hairless clam!

I'm also struck by the hefty looking dame with the blue flowery shoes and the blue flowers in her hair - she not only looks far more detailed than his normal work, but reminds me less of his work than of Giovanna Casotto's.